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movies7 a powerful psychological thriller by David Fincher awaits all lovers of complex detective puzzles in our Internet cinema. The expressive and holistic picture “Seven” flashed not only with a twisted plot but also with a magnificent cast. Bringing together the cream of Hollywood on one set. Morgan Freeman is a veteran of criminal investigation, Brad Pitt is a young impulsive detective. Gwyneth Paltrow is his beautiful wife and Kevin Spacey is a maniac who imagines himself as an instrument of God.

We recommend watching the online film “Seven”. Which shocks with its visual range and tells about the blurring of the line between Good and Evil. Until his retirement, Detective Somerset had nothing left. And he wouldn’t take on a new business, which promises to be extremely confusing, but simply sit quietly for a week, sorting through pieces of paper. However, the seasoned detective is simply not that kind of person. But even he, with all his instinct and experience, will not immediately guess that, together with a new young partner, he was drawn into a complex multi-move, played out by a devout fanatic. An interesting fact: the script of the picture had to be slightly changed because, on the set, Brad Pitt seriously injured his hand.

Plot Spoiler alert movies7

An elderly veteran detective Somerset is working the last week before his retirement, during which he must bring his successor ambitious young detective Mills up to date. Somerset hopes that the week will pass calmly, but on the very first day, an unusually sophisticate murder is committ in the city, which he and Mills are send to investigate.

The victim is a middle-aged obese man who died from indigestion. At the scene of the murder, a single word is written in blood: “Gluttony.” Somerset suggests that someone force the fat man to eat at gunpoint, which led to his death. After carefully studying the crime scene, Mills finds another puzzle, which was left by the maniac in order to lead them to a new victim.

As they investigate, detectives learn that the killer’s name is John Doe and all his crimes are a way to punish the city mired in sins. Imagining himself as an instrument of the Lord, he subtly contemplates physical and moral torture, as a result of which the victim dies from his main weakness. Doe is extremely careful: he prepares every crime with special care and leaves no traces, except for those that should be found according to his plan.

His next victims are a lawyer, punished for his greed, and an emaciated man chained to a bed, personifying idleness. The more detectives investigate the psychology of the killer, the more they become convinced with what perverse, but at the same time an intelligent person they are dealing with.

In the process, Somerset observes the actions of his young emotional colleague and realizes that the inability to contain his ardor can lead Mills to unpleasant consequences in due time. However, sympathy arises between the characters, and Mills invites Somerset to his place for dinner, where he introduces him to his wife.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues, and soon the heroes manage to find the home of John Doe. They are preparing an ambush for the criminal, but soon, to their great surprise, he himself comes to the police station …

Do you know that about movies7

In the credits of the film, there is a remix of the song “Closer” made by the group “Nine Inch Nails”.

Andrew Kevin Walker worked on the script for the film for two years. In the film, he appeared in a cameo role: he became the first corpse shown during the investigation.

During filming, Morgan Freeman pulled out a pistol from its holster, holding his finger on the trigger. Police officers working as technical consultants on the set corrected the actor.

For a long time, the producers did not want to release the film because of its gloomy ending. The final word remained with Brad Pitt, who withdrew from his participation if the final is changed.

In early versions of the script, the investigation team included a strange female gnome who swore and made jokes about detectives.

An early draft of the script mentioned Mills’ former teammate Parsons, but the storyline was cut before filming began.

All of John Doe’s books are genuine. It took two months and 15 thousand dollars to create them. In the film, Detective Somerset says that it will take fifty people exactly two months to read what is written.

During the first scene, John Doe’s metronome is ticking exactly 7 times.

Lead singer of the group “REM” Michael Stipe applied for the role of John Doe.

Morgan Freeman’s son, Alfonso played the role of a fingerprint specialist.

All house numbers are shown at the beginning of the film starts with 7.

An old photo of a woman is a poster for the film “Pyshka”, shot by Mikhail Romm.

The role of Mills could have gone to Denzel Washington, but he refused.

To understand the psychology of John Doe, Detective Somerset studies Jeffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, and Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy.

At the end of the film, the chief of police asks Somerset: “Where will you be?”, To which he replies: “I will be … near.” Exactly the same dialogue takes place between the characters in another of Fincher’s films, Alien 3.

The word “fuck” appears 74 times in the film. It is mainly speak by Brad Pitt’s character.

The film could have been direct by David Cronenberg, but he refuse.

At the end of the movie, the credits go from top to bottom.

John Doe is a name that was use in an Anglo-Saxon court if the defendant did not want to disclose his name or was unknown.

In the trailer for the film, detectives are talking on the phone with the tenant of apartment 604. His voice belongs to the director, David Fincher.

The victim of “idleness” is not a doll and not a computer special effect, but a real, very thin actor who has been successfully made up.

At the end of the film, Doe is dress in a prison uniform that reads “Bardach County Jail.” This is a nod to the film’s costume designer, Eleanor Bardach.

Kevin Spacey dropped his name in the opening credits of the film to make it harder for viewers to track down the killer. In compensation for such a “sacrifice”, the producers put his name first in the end credits.

Mistakes in the film of movies7

On the very first morning of the film, Mills wakes up and gets out of bed, where you can see the “naked” mattress. The fact that he is “naked” can be understand by the visible pattern. But after he gets dress and sits on the bed, it is obvious that a sheet appears on this mattress and its pattern is no longer visible. [00:06:38] [00:07:04]

As Mills puts on the tie, the reflection can be seen that his wife Tracy is sleeping under a black blanket. But when he later sits down on the bed to talk on the phone, this blanket is gone. Now Tracy is just lying under a white blanket. [00:06:42] [00:07:03]

When the detectives return from the scene of the “gluttony” murder, you can see that the car in which they are traveling has rather strange windshield wipers. The Somerset side janitor moves vertically. And the one on Detective Mills’ side is horizontal. [00:12:46]

The Commissioner is not very consistent in his judgments. In the scene where the first murder is discuss, he tells Somerset that he cannot just take and remove the detective from the case he is leading. And after a while, in the same scene, he says to Mills that he is entrusting him with a completely different matter. [00:16:34]

I wonder how the newspapers were able to react so quickly to the murder of a famous lawyer and put this news on the front page? After all, if it became known about the murder in the morning, newspapermen had to write articles, edit, layout a new page, stop the printing press, put a new version in print, and then also distribute them to points of sale. [00:17:13]

When at the Somerset police station holds two photographs of the inscriptions from the crime scene. The position of his fingers changes when the plan changes. At first, he holds a photo from the scene of the “gluttony” murder with three fingers. When he turns to Detective Mills, he already has two. [00:23:53]

A little later, you will notice that the numbering of sins is mix up on this printout. From the first to the fifth point – everything is fine, the Roman numerals correspond to the order. But then number five is follow by number seven (VII) “Lust”, follow by number six (VI) – “Gluttony.” [00:29:10]

In the Greed’s office, after the detectives have removed the picture, Somerset decides to check the wall for fingerprints. In the middle shot. You can see that he is holding a brush in his left hand and makes wide strokes with it over a large area. But in close-up, it is obvious that the brush is in his right hand. The strokes are already short, focused on one area. The plan changes again – the brush is again in the left and wide strokes. [00:44:59]

Somerset and Mills drive to the place of detention. It can seen that a heavy downpour is pouring outside the window. But if you look closely, you will notice that the cars along the side of the road are dry. Sometimes sunlight even breaks through the windows. Which is rather uncharacteristic for such a terrible downpour. [00:49:31]

“Leni” John Doe amputates one arm to use it to leave fingerprints at the scene of another crime. Therefore, when the police arrive at his apartment. There is only one hand on the bed by the body. The operated stump is in place of the second. But in one of the plans, if you look closely. You can see that the actor’s second. The real hand simply lies next to the body, tightly pressed to the side. That is, the body actually has three arms. [00:52:58]

There is a red Coca-Cola glass on the pizzeria table. Where Somerset and Mills are sitting, waiting for the FBI agent. When an FBI agent arrives. The glass turns to the camera with a completely different side and the inscription on it changes. [01:05:05]

With tacit help from the FBI and a list of books, it’s also a rather strange scenario move. Is there really only one library in this city, and the suspect. A fairly wealthy person, could not just buy such books for himself in any book or second-hand bookstore? Anyway, why the FBI is tracking the readers of Dante and Milton’s books. What’s so dangerous about them? [01:06:09]

John Doe, running from Mills by jumping out of the toilet window onto the roof of a small annex next door. Then he turns around and starts shooting at Mills pursuing him. But the pigeons, which sit on the ventilation pipe not far from the shooter. Completely ignore the sounds of this shooting and do not even flinch from the shots, and even more. So they do not want to fly away. [01:10:46]

It is rather strange that the taxi driver who brought John Doe to the police station. Agreed to take such an eerie and bloody passenger somewhere. The same applies to the courier who agreed to accept the parcel from him. Although in this case. It can be assum that John simply change his clothes before giving the package, and then put on bloody clothes. [01:35:51]

As the detectives drive John Doe into the desert, they have a long conversation. Cinematography changes quite often during this scene. And in some of them. There is a grid between the criminal and the detectives, and in some, it is not. There, when we are show Mills. We can see that he puts his hand on the back of the seat without any problems. Where this very grill should be. [01:42:03]

John Doe’s package is deliver to the Crosstown Express courier company – this can seen on the truck. But for some reason, UPS documents are attach to the package. Even stranger, these documents are commonly use for international shipping. [01:56:31]

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