Marumaru Yamada The God of the Garden

Marumaru Yamada The God of the Garden

Marumaru yamada is an anime character name like other hentai manga characters. It’s a combination where yamada represents a surname where Marumaru has been used as a placeholder in the manga series.
As if you are apprehensive about the Yamada Hanako, she was one of the characters of the Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu series and Honshu Aru’s stylish friend from the tennis club. So, this is how the characters’ names are added in each and every series and he is one of them!

What’s Marumaru Yamada?

Marumaru Yamada is a womanish tennis player from the Nada islet in Kyushu. She has a sick father. Her health condition makes her tough to serve the ball. He always has a tough time in the club, because she was treat like the weak one. She’s also known as Marumaru Yamanaka since she used to serve the ball with the tennis chatter. Although it wasn’t shown in the manga series.
Marumaru Yamada is now 19 times old, she attends the tennis club of Tokyo of which her face is reveale in the 3rd season of the anime series. She has lost a lot of people in her life, but she always continues to live. She also has a little family who’s nicknamed “ Dad” by everybody. She’s also a veritably determine person who’s in love with her own family. Her favorite song is “ Rain” by Fergie.

The meaning of Marumaru Yamada

Marumaru Yamada is a goddess in Japanese tradition that was said to have veritably long and fair hair which moves in the wind just like a seagull. The beauty of Marumaru Yamada is like mama earth.

In tradition, he is the son of the goddess of paradise-Yanagusa. She’s a shapeshifter who could turn into a swan. According to Hindu tradition, there was a lord Yama who was the lord of death, the lord of death was name Marumaru after her.
Marumaru Yamada is one of the most notorious anime characters that go with Marumaru-name which means that Yamada represents Yamada Hanako. The Japanese character of Marumaru is know for her long and full hair.
Why Marumaru Yamada is popular?

Generally, anime characters name use the name of a movie or a song in reference to their general charm. For case, Mayumi’s name from the series Urusei Yatsura as a character named Kyoko has a reason! The only reason Kyoko wanted to change her name was to avoid calling her by her first name alone and also, to go for her dream.
That’s the reason why nearly all of us have watche anime and noway got interest in the manga until we watche K-on! in which we saw the main character has a name that represented the stylish in its name similar to Anime Matsu – “ Vitality to me” and Kishiru (思想), Mayu (美晴) and Nasu (愛).

The data about Marumaru Yamada

Marumaru is Marumaru’s real name which was change after marriage. Yamada is the alternate name as his first name Marumaru was take.
Marumaru Yamada’s full name is in Japanese is Marumaru Yoshifusa Marumaru yamada. It translates to Marumaru Yamada God of the Garden.
Marumaru is his pen name.
Marumaru’s real and last name aren’t from the same Japanese surname.
Marumaru’s surname is from Hirano.
Marumaru is the pen name for Tomohito Hirano who was formerly the top player of the tennis club.
He married a woman named Misaki Kobayashi and has a son named Misaki Marumaru.
Marumaru’s real age is a riddle.
Marumaru Yamada is the only Marumaru Hanako character who appeared in the manga “ Mawamune no Marumaru”.
Marumaru Yamada’s age, height, and weight is not knows.


You’ve formerly had a fair understanding of the meaning behind each character name. And now you should be interest to know what’s its possible meanings. So, take out a piece of paper and go over each character’s name. Go to Wikipedia and do a quick hunt and see the meaning of each of them. After that, you’ll be suitable to have an idea of what’s going on in the manga series. You can use that to fill the gaps in your understanding.
Now, this post has been about the meanings of the popular anime character names. But it’s not over yet. We can’t forget to have a look at other popular anime character names and their possible meanings.
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