Video KYC Vendors – Saviour of Business Enterprises

Know Your Business is important with video-based customer identification practiced in organizations, scammers and impersonators surely have to upscale their techniques which is going to take loads of time. It is best to say that as long as video KYC vendors with automated solutions are offering their services in multiple industries, signs of happening that are way more minute. 

Video KYC vendors are not as much as they are supposed to be, keeping in mind the cases of ID frauds and other violations due to that. The market size of the IDV industry is expected to grow in the coming years facilitating every possible firm. Whether it’s a financial institute or a corporation of any level, video KYC vendors ensure the growth of the business and the reduction of errors in customer onboarding. The implementation of the particular IDV service brings a positive change of a considerable amount due to AI-powered solutions.

Best Video KYC Solution

There are certain qualities that define the best video KYC solution. Video KYC vendors enable a particular entity or financial firm to take their customer verification program to an enhanced level where perfection becomes nothing but reality just like gravity. The single IDV solution is a composition of various AI-powered services that authenticate customers with utmost perfection. The accuracy rates by the video KYC vendors are substantial and the entire process reaches conclusion in just a few minutes. All previous myths about the particular customer identification process have been successfully broken by the global IDV providers. The reservations about the entire process being tedious and complex for no reason and other misconceptions don’t exist anymore.

The automated systems of video KYC vendors combined with the expertise of human experts assure close to perfect results in a brief period of time. There are a couple of automated services that guarantee nothing but legitimate onboarding of clients.

Face Verification

The biometric screening technology offered by the video KYC vendors during the virtual interaction between the client and the designated expert of the particular entity captures the facial properties of the customer. The automated solutions of the video KYC vendors are integrated with universal coverage of numerous clients. The data of multiple countries and territories are there for enterprises to identify. An authentic client to protect their best interests. 

The solutions of the video KYC vendors come with deep-learning algorithms that help in cross-checking facial traits between two individuals and the systems can also recognize spoof attacks or the use of any other smart technology. How do they do that? It is pretty simple.

The 3D sensing techniques supported by the STA (Skin Texture Analysis), AI Mapping, liveness detection, and so much more offered by the video KYC vendors in the process fulfill all necessary regulatory compliance mandates. 

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Document and Address video KYC vendors Verification

The other vital aspects are also confirmed in the single brief procedure. The verification of ID documents and the geographic location is performed together with facial recognition. The video KYC vendors give absolute assurance by reassuring these two aspects. The client presenting the documents and getting them validated willingly confirms the authority of control. 

The screening service of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology selects the data fields from the ID certificates and organizes them in a digitally readable state. The video KYC vendors offer solutions that come with data support in numerous languages and documents. There is no need to screen the same proofs. The solution can accept different government-issued documents. The multilingual systems of the video KYC vendors accept customers from multiple countries and territories with no friction unless. They are not part of a high-risk third country which gets disclosed earlier in the initial stages of client verification.

Customer-Centric Providers

In the current climate verifying businesses is very important, there are extremely few parties that one can trust. Video KYC vendors definitely make it to the lists. They are constantly customer-centric, keeping the concerns of clients in the account, identifying them as their objective. They share similar interests, the providers are always GDPR compliant. So privacy invasion is the last thing organizations have to worry about. 

Besides that, the back office of the video KYC vendors facilitates clients with evidence of the identification program. The images of clients were captured along with the address and government-issued ID proofs. All there for the concerned enterprise to make a strong case for the future if needed. The entertainment industry has been a testament to how realistic facial attacks can be. Many organizations have been defeated by impersonators that lead to different violations. The video KYC vendors with a group of a plethora of AI models make the KYC compliance accurate and swift.

Wrapping Up

The video KYC vendors offer integrated useful services for customer identification. AI-powered solutions are extremely vital for meeting the compliance mandates of the KYC and AML. Face recognition with document and address confirmation by digital solutions with global registers is an offer by the video KYC vendors that can not be refused. 

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