How to make fire botw? Camping rules

Camping rules

Fire safety

How to make fire botw A fire can be made only in a specially designated place or in folding barbecues. It is forbidden to place the barbecue directly near the tent to avoid accidental fire. It is forbidden to spread the contents of the grill, after using it, on the ground. If coal, wood or other burning objects accidentally come into contact, extinguish immediately with water and dispose of with trash. After the grill cool down the content must throw away

how to make fire botw Uses of Gas

The use of gas cylinders is strictly bann! It is check to refuel on the territory of vehicles and drain fuel from them, store containers from fuel, as well as fuels and lubricants and oils, and carry out repair work on vehicles. It is prohibite to use open sources of fire for illumination. Finding a small fire takes measures to extinguish it and inform about it by phone 01 (112) or the camping administration. If possible, send someone for help.

Cleanliness and order

In this paragraph, observe cleanliness, both in the vicinity of the site of your stop and throughout the campground. All garbage that you generate, deliver to specialized containers at the campsite. Dispatching of natural needs outside the toilet is prohibite for everyone, both adults and children. Personal hygiene products and any other garbage must not throw into the toilet bowls.


We are worry about your valuables, but we are not responsible for them. Each Guest is personally responsible for the safety of their property. Do not leave your valuables unattended. Lock the car, raise the glass completely. A Guest who has caused damage to the property of the Camping or other Guests is primarily responsible for its reimbursement. The campsite administration is not responsible for injuries sustained on the territory by you or your group members.

Leaving the campsite

When leaving the campsite, put things in order at the resting place. Leave the area completely clean, level and free of various structures: Remove all debris and take it to the trash cans. Remove the ropes, disassemble all structures made of stones, logs and sticks and remove to make fire botw Rent out your seat to the administrator. Refund your deposit in time.

from 14.00 to 20.00 local time. Check-in from 20.00 to 14.00 is possible only by prior agreement with the administration of Fire Resort. Upon arrival, register with the administrator. Pay the deposit: 2000 (two thousand) rubles upon arrival in the tent. One deposit for one tent at the campsite. Check-out time: Check-in from 14.00 Check-out until 12.00. The delay is pay at the rate of 150 rubles per tent (agree with the Fire Resort Administrator IN ADVANCE).

The location takes place strictly within the boundaries of your chose place. It is Oppose to occupy neighboring places, prop them up if you did not pay for them. Firstly, Moving to another place or extending the rest is agree with the administration in advance. It is NOT ALLOWE to install or arrange any devices or structures (fences, ditches, supports, etc.) around the stopping place without the permission of the camping staff.

Animals on the territory

Pets are not allowe on the campground.

how to make fire botw Being in the territory

When collecting water in washbasins, DO NOT rotate the mixer or break it. It is check to bring firearms, dangerous-edged weapons, and other dangerous items to the campground. Make sure that during the daytime from 8.00 to 22.00 musical devices, children’s games, etc. did not disturb the peace of other Guests. During the period from 22.00 to 8.00, it is restricte to make noise in the campsite: turn on music, speak loudly, sing, to make fire botw Keep an eye on your children, do not leave them unattende. Especially by the water!

prevente trading or related activity on the campground. Swimming, being on the beach and in the lake is at your own responsibility. Driving car on the camping territory is denie, except for the cases: Arrival/departure to/from the camping territory. If a disabled person or an elderly person is in the car, who cannot move independently? The law of the Russian Federation prohibited driving when intoxic . Off the engine running when it’s park.

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