What to look for when booking a meeting room

What to look for when booking a meeting room

A meeting room, as a physical space, can be much more important than it may seem at first. In the business world of 2020, the competitiveness faced by businesses makes synergies, networking and collaborations more necessary than ever. For everything to flow, you will need a meeting room that meets a number of requirements.

Choosing a suitable meeting room can create an environment that benefits the development of the meeting, avoiding technical limitations that cause impediments to carry the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Whether it is a meeting in the company itself, or in a neutral space (see a visit to some clients abroad, or in a different city), the requirements of the room will change based on the characteristics of the meeting.

Is there going to be a video exhibition, do you need to do a video conference? Etc. These conditions will determine what type of room distribution we are looking for and what resources it should have. However, regardless of the type of meeting, there are some minimum requirements that we must meet so that everything goes correctly:

Requirements for choosing a good meeting room


Make sure the meeting room is big enough. Unlike public presentations, where the room is filled with more people than the recommended capacity to create the appearance of a larger crowd, this is not the goal of a meeting.

For the types of meetings where the goal is collaboration, it is best if the room is large enough so that everyone has the necessary space to feel comfortable. However, it shouldn’t be too large either, because the group may feel small and insignificant.


You need a space that allows some flexibility when rearranging the furniture, in case you have to put a projector, look at a certain moment at a screen, a blackboard, or for a presentation. For certain situations, it is better to have several small tables instead of a single, huge and immovable table.

Be quiet

For people to collaborate effectively, they need to be able to listen to each other. For groups where people are going to be more than a couple of meters apart, it is best to find a space that is quiet enough that everyone can easily hear what is going on. Similarly, the space must be properly isolated to ensure the privacy of conversations.

No visual distractions

A nice space can enhance the atmosphere of the meeting, but one with constant visual distractions is going to cause problems, as people lose their attention and focus on what is happening in the meeting. For this reason, the furniture must be simple and functional, and the decoration must remain in a discreet background.

As for lighting, it is important that there is natural light, but it must also be taken into account that an excess of light can hinder the visibility of the projections, so it is important that the windows have curtains or blinds.

Evaluate your options

It is possible that, although the meeting takes place in your locality, with a local client, the space of your office does not meet the requirements for this specific meeting (because the location of your office implies a greater displacement, the space does not it is enough, there is not good connectivity….) In this case, there are many companies that offer reservation services for meeting rooms by the hour and that, in addition, are usually located in privileged places and with a good connection to other points of the city. town. This will help your company, brand, business or idea to present itself in a much more perfect and functional framework.

Connectivity checklist for a meeting room

At this time, you only need a list with everything you need to run the meeting. For these cases, whether it is a meeting room in the office itself, or especially if it is an external one, it is best to have a checklist: a list of things you need, and that you can cross out when you have them , to make sure you don’t miss anything.

The elements that are needed in most types of meetings, would be the following:


        Projection mounts and cabling

        Remote control for projectors





        Auxiliary equipment: laser pointers, whiteboard, flip charts …


        Wifi network

Additional services that make a difference in a meeting

At First workplaces you can book a meeting room tailored to you at any of our Premium locations. Our staff will be at your disposal for everything you request, such as a Catering service, reprographics, hostesses or the management of other additional services that you may need.

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