WHAT IS ROCK MUSIC AND HOW WAS IT BORN? Rock and Rock and Roll Stories

We cannot talk about rock music without first defining its roots in Rock and Roll. The term was originally coined by Alan Freed , an American DJ who used it for the first time in 1950 to refer to his radio show where he featured famous artists from R&B, Jazz and other popular genres of the time. Some historians consider one of the events organized by Freed The Moondog Coronation Ball in 1952, which brought together the R&B stars of the time, as the first Rock and Roll concert in history.

The genre was born in the United States in the early 50’s as a result of the natural evolution of Rhythm and Blues with African American roots and Country, influenced by varied genres such as Gospel, Jazz , and Blues , among others and represented by artists. of the moment like Chuck Berry , Bob Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis precursors of this sound that began to give of what to speak in the North American music scene.

IF we wanted to spin even finer as to the historical moment in which Rock and roll was born, we could coincide with several events that marked the year 1954. On the one hand, the launch of Rock around the clock by Bill Haley & His Comets, the first commercial recording of the song That’s Alright Mama of the King of Rock and Roll Presley and therefore the birth of the band The Upsetters of the good Little Richard . All of them precursors of Rock, a genre that would mark a before and after in the history of music.
Now the rock begins …

1960 is taken into account the magical decade that defines this music genre . The arrival in the United Kingdom of these sounds caused an evolutionary leap in the British music scene of the time. It is just in this period when we could say that Rock and Roll originated in the United States led to what we know today as Rock.

In the social sphere, rock ‘n’ roll emerges as an safety valve for a rebellious youth that for the instant was trying to find its own identity. Bands like The Doors and Creedence Clearwater Revival in the United States or Led Zeppelin , Pink Floyd and The Beatles born in England, represented at the time the birth of a replacement sound and a replacement way of creating music, not only to precise romantic and everyday stories Unlike pop, now also to deal with issues with a social and even political focus.

Pedals and amplification were added to the guitars offering a powerful sound that has led to countless subgenres and rhythms, such as Glam rock, Psychedelic Rock , Punk, Grunge, Heavy metal, art rock , Indie Rock , (… then we might be an honest time).
Not only legendary bands, but also great artists marked the history of Rock, culturally influencing the lives of millions of young people, the so-called Rock legends, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury, Joplin , among many others who gave rise to to the foremost important musical movement of all time.

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