Sunglasses for rock climbing: how to choose

Sunglasses for rock climbing choose a key task of any sunglasses is to protect the pupil from bright sunlight and ultraviolet rays. This accessory will never be superfluous when you are on the street for a long time, but if we talk about mountain hiking and climbing, sunglasses are an essential element.

This is due to a number of factors, including:

Significant increase in the intensity of ultraviolet rays. The higher a person is above sea level, the stronger the sun’s rays affect him, the brightness of which also increases noticeably.

On mountain peaks, the reflectivity of sunlight can reach 80%. If you look at dense snow or ice in these conditions without wearing sunglasses, there is a high risk of retinal burns and eye inflammation (snow blindness).

If you have an interest in climbing Elbrus, in all cases you will need goggles for mountaineering. Since there is a lot of snow and ice on the peaks. They reflect a lot of sunlight. So just one glance at such a reflective surface is enough to question the success of the entire ascent.

What sunglasses for rock climbing: the degree of sun protection

Almost all sunglasses can be roughly divided into three groups:

1-2 degrees of protection – yellow or orange lenses, equipped with minimal darkening. Suitable for cloudy weather, must be protected from ultraviolet radiation.

Grade 3  Mountaineering goggles are an excellent choice for mountain hikes as they block up to 88-92% of the light.

Grade 4 is reliable protection from sunlight. Such lenses are even use by welders, as they only transmit 3-7% of the light.

When going on a hike or planning to climb a mountain peak, you should purchase several pairs of lenses. This will allow you not to go blind in the bright sun and see clearly during cloudy weather, changing glasses depending on conditions and weather.

Optimal protection from sunlight and UV radiation

UV-380 – reliable sun protection;

UV-400 – protection from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation with a small margin in case of emergency situations.

Do not try to buy such accessories on the market, as even with the markings. You may come across a fake. You should only trust glasses that you can buy from certified manufacturers. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying lenses only with darkening.

The danger is that in such cases more ultraviolet radiation will fall into the eyes than if you were without glasses at all: thanks to dimming, you will be able to look at brighter light sources, but due to the lack of protection, ultraviolet rays will easily enter your pupil.

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