Riddle of home clothes

Riddle of home clothes

How much time do you spend at home? I am the bulk. If I am in Moscow, I work from home. I can “go out into the city” once a week. That is, the ratio of active time at home and outside it is approximately 80/20.

Now, attention, a question. What do you wear at home? And what is the ratio of clothes for your home and for “not at home”?

For many, home clothes are not a pity. What is already indecent to put on the street. Worn out and stretched to a half-life, but so “cozy”.

It’s a pity for clothes for the house. Time. Oh, I’ll still be at home thinking what to wear. Of money. Oh, well, someone sees at home. Whether it is a matter of “investing” in another business suit that “always comes in handy”, but for some reason hangs in the closet all the time. It’s a pity to wear ordinary clothes at home (to cover up – remember this word, right?).

Count the number of hours at home. And if you are one of those who feel sorry for everything at home, then this is the number of hours you could spend in joy and pleasure from your appearance. And spend – waiting, as at a train station. Waiting for a meeting with some others who need to be impressed. In the meantime, it is not necessary – and so it will do.

In the gallery of ideas for home images, save! And remember that clothes are for us, not we are for clothes.

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