prague couples holiday and romantic places

prague couples holiday and romantic places

Prague is one of the most romantic cities, it is not for nothing that it is called the heart of Europe. The capital of the Czech Republic is renowned for its endless coziness and stunning views. There are many places for dating and walking with a soul mate – cozy cafes with dim lights and music, quiet green parks, narrow streets for night walks prague couples holiday. Couples from all over the world often come here to arrange a wedding celebration. Prague is a city for lovers. If you come together, be sure to visit these places:

This is a modest narrow street that few people in Prague know about. You need to come here in the evening when the sun goes down, and the bends of the street will illuminate the yellow light of the lanterns. You will definitely not forget this. 

prague couples holiday , Parks and Gardens

Prague’s green natural complexes have always been praised by poets and writers. These places inspired the greats, made hearts fall in love. Here you can always retire with your soul mate, buy a bottle of wine and have a romantic picnic:

Stromovka Park,

Havlichkov gardens,

Deer ditch,

Divoka-Sharka Park,

Botanical Garden,

Pruhonitsky Park.

River walks

You cannot deprive yourself and your soul mate of such pleasure. Walking on a motor ship in Prague is a romance at the highest level. Swaying waves, delicious dinner, a glass of wine, dim lights and enchanting music – she will be delighte!

Kampa island

A real Venetian island in Prague. Picturesque buildings that seem to be reviving from the water, the murmur and splash of the current, the narrowest street in the city – all this creates an atmosphere for a better date. By the way, here you should definitely look at the wall of John Lennon. 

Petrin Hill 

The hill is located on the Malaya side and has many legends for lovers. For example, having climbed there, you should find a small statue of Karel Ginek Mahi and kiss your beloved. The citizens of Prague believe that after this feelings will get stronger several times! There is also the Prague Eiffel Tower. 

The Charles Bridge

After a night of festivities, meet the sunrise here. Charles Bridge is being transformed at this hour. The sun’s rays envelop the sandstone blocks. The view is charming. Just put on your jackets, even in summer. It’s cool in the morning.

prague couples holiday in Castle

A cult place. But it’s better to go here closer to seven in the evening. Previously, tourists will not leave the palace complex. But after, when everyone has dispersed, this is a great place for walking. Here you just need to meet the sunset.

There is not the slightest doubt that Prague is exactly the place where couples should go on vacation. The capital of the Czech Republic will enchant your soul mate and give you unforgettable moments of a lifetime.

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