gotta go discount travel in a pandemic

gotta go discount travel in a pandemic, The spread of coronavirus infection has forced residents around the world to temporarily refuse to travel to other countries. Closing borders and quarantine measures prevent tourists from soaking up the beaches of the Maldives and enjoying the hot sun of the Philippines. What to do if you want to rest and gain strength? Find a Russian resort! Crimea and Krasnodar Territory are happy to welcome our compatriots at this difficult time for the whole world.

The Crimean peninsula is one of the favorite vacation spots for Russians. You can get here by plane. Simferopol Airport accepts flights from all over the country. Moreover, certain groups of citizens (large, disabled, young people under 23 and adults over 55) can buy a plane ticket at subsidized fares and fly to Crimea at a fixed price. Not so long ago, trains began to run to Simferopol. This summer, the Russian Railways company promises to increase the number of trains going to Crimea on the legendary bridge.

What can a tourist see in Crimea, while the sea is not yet warm up enough?

In fact, the choice is huge. The peninsula is rich in natural and historical sights and is not limit to Simferopol. Coastal cities are unique. Here the traveler can be surprise not only by nature, but also by its rich history.


The city of Kerch is located on the shore of the Kerch Strait. Here life was in full swing even during the existence of mammoths – on Esplanadnaya Street, archaeologists discovered the teeth of an ancient mammal. History lovers can find ruins of the ancient acropolis and ancient settlements, whose age dates back to 610-590 BC, near Kerch. And directly in the city you can visit the ruins of the Turkish fortress Yeni-Kale.

Among the natural attractions is the Chokrak salt lake with healing mud and hydrogen sulfide sources, the Bulganak mud field. You can get acquaint with the marine flora and fauna in the museum of the Scientific Research Institute YUGNIRO.


Feodosia is modern tourists thanks to the gentle sun and city beaches. However, the city has a long history. It is believe to have been found in the 6th century BC by the ancient Greeks. In the 13th century AD, the city fell under the influence of the Golden Horde, and was later bought by Genoese merchants. It was during their reign that the settlement flourished and began to develop. It has its own bank and mint.

There is a lot to do in this city. History lovers can explore archaeological finds from different times in the local history museum. Connoisseurs of art – visit the Tsvetaevs Museum or one of the largest galleries named after Aivazovsky. Commercial exhibitions are often held in the city in summer. Tourists are offer to familiarize themselves with instruments of torture and punishment, mummies, holograms, or simply look at exotic butterflies.

gotta go discount travel in a pandemic: Yalta

Yalta is also known as one of the largest resort cities. Many travelers avoid it, as there are always a lot of people near the beaches, the sun loungers are busy, and instead of sand, hot pebbles lie under their feet. However, there are amazing places here too.

As you know, the best time to visit the beaches is in the morning and evening. Towards noon, doctors recommend moving into the shade of the city to avoid sun or heat stroke. During this period of time, it is best to visit local parks, of which there are a great many in Yalta. So, the city is ideal for nature lovers.

Wherever you go, I recommend taking out insurance, so that if something happens, you do not spend your money on treatment. Comparison of insurance prices in a convenient aggregator. Risks from coronavirus are also includ in insurance.

The most famous parks are Livadiyskiy and Vorontsovskiy. If you gotta go discount travel and find the Botkin trail, you can go to the Stavri-Kaya rock. And following the Shtangeevskaya trail – discover the beautiful Uchan-Su waterfall or walk to the Ai-Petrinskaya yayla (plateau). Guests of the city can take a walk in local parks, which are create from the classic representatives of the southern coastal forest and foreign ornamental plants.


Sevastopol can rightfully be consider a unique city. Absolutely all tourists will find entertainment here. The settlement is founded in 1783 as a naval port.

At present, gotta go discount travel there are a lot of reserves here: coastal aquatic complexes at the Fiolent and Lucull capes, Lapsi rocks, the botanical natural monument Ushakov Balka, etc. There are about 7 yacht clubs in Sevastopol. Festivals, regattas, and conferences are held. The city’s rich military past has also left its mark. Local reenactors reproduce the most famous battle scenes. Tourists can visit the huge Sevastopol Military History Museum-Reserve.

rest in a pandemic in Russia


The snow-white sands of Evpatoria, artesian waters and the local climate make the city a real health resort. There is a sanatorium-resort area on the coast. 38 sanatoriums work for the joy of people who come to improve their health.

Healing mud, sea and mineral waters, fine sandy beaches and medicinal plants allow the tourist to recover after hard working days. In conditions of fatigue, eternal stress and coronavirus, there is nothing better than this place.

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