Fall 2021: 7 trendy colors

Fall 2021: 7 trendy colors

Pantone, the world leader in color trend forecasting and consulting , has revealed the top ten shades of Fall / Winter collections for New York Fashion Week 2021 . In addition to announcing what will be the fashionable shades this season , it has also unveiled what the four essential classics will be.

Of these fourteen alternatives, we have chosen seven that stand out for being very versatile and for their potential to reveal some distinctive trait of your personality. At the same time, they go very well with a women’s raincoat or raincoat. This garment is essential for this season when the rains are so common.

Mykonos Blue

This vibrant shade hints at the Greek island of the same name and the Aegean Sea. It is related to stability and stillness , and has the potential to refresh the image. It will look very elegant in coats and evening dresses. In addition, it combines very well with white and red checkered prints.

Illuminating Yellow

It is a bright and cheerful color that radiates the vibrancy, warmth and energy of the sun. Blazers, jackets and a raincoat for women will be all the rage this fall. On the other hand, the Illuminating yellow accessories will add an expressive touch to any look.

Fuchsia Fedora

It is an intense pink that generates equally powerful reactions. This shade will make you look flirty, seductive and charming at the same time. Plus, it will take a few years off you. In any combination, you should choose it as the dominant color. White, gray, black and brown clothing are the ideal complement to Fuchsia Fedora garments.

Rosa Pale Rosette

The Pale Rosette shade of pink is endearing and romantic . It evokes the look of delicate rose petals on a sunny day. This color also highlights the sweetness and femininity of the wearer. And when accompanied with soft shades of gray, you will achieve a distinguished and cosmopolitan appearance.

Red Fire Whirl

The most explosive key in this compilation is, without a doubt, Fire Whirl. Simply put on a coat of this color and go outside to convey an air of dynamism . Wearing scarlet garments is a safe bet, as these shades have been in fashion in recent seasons.

Brown Root Beer

Brown is one of those colors that our mind tends to associate with the season that precedes winter. It makes us think about the earth, the trees and nature in general. Root Beer trouser, knitwear and coat sets are ideal for this season. In addition, they match different shades of the autumn palette.

Green Olive Branch

This is another fall color that should be part of your wardrobe. Wearing an olive green women’s jacket or raincoat is a great choice. This is especially true now that interest in the planet is so fashionable. On the other hand, the military style (closely linked to this tone), has been a trend in recent years.

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