7 Tips on How to Create the Perfect Vlog

7 Tips on How to Create the Perfect Vlog

You have probably come came across various similar topics. Now that you are here, look no further. We will discuss everything you need to know to get that cinematic perfect vlog that draws more and more audiences every month.


The equipment that you’ll need is simply your smartphone, an external mic, and a video maker online. If you want recommendations for a video maker online, you can visit this website to put an end to your search.


Up until the end, whatever you share in the vlog should be in a very confident way. Remember, your confidence is your audience’s confidence.

Keep this fundamental point in mind let’s get started.


Subject First


First things first, the Subject. What do you think the subject of your vlog is? It’s YOU.


Many beginner vloggers make this mistake, they show everything in their vlog but their face. Don’t do this. Showing your face makes your audience connect with you. It bridges the distance between you and them.


Sometimes the subject of your vlog is not simply you. It may be some a product review, as in product review, or maybe the end result of a tutorial, like a recipe. In this case, you can show the end results at the beginning of your video, it keeps your viewer hooked and boosts your watch time.

Loyalty Treatment


By the phrase ‘loyalty treatment’ we mean that you should treat every single viewer as if they have been watching you for years. Treat them your viewers as if they know you.


When someone clicks on your video, by looking at the thumbnail or the title you should satisfy the curiosity they had before came here they watch your vlog.


The 8-Second Rule


This is the third key factor to making a perfect vlog. You need to accept the fact know that you have a very short time of up to only have 8 seconds to grab catch your viewer’s attention.


These are those critical The first 8 seconds of your vlog is where when your viewer decides whether they’re gonna stay or they will move on to look somewhere else.


As per YouTube Creator’s academy, it is on the 8th-second mark that a viewer decides whether they are gonna stay or they are gonna leave.


And you as a creator w don’t want the latter to happen, right? So, what to do? This is where the above-mentioned points, “Subject first” and “loyalty treatment” Come into the picture.


Apart from these, you also need to take care of your content and meet the subconscious promises you made before they came here.


So, respect keep in mind the 8-second rule, and go straight into the video.


Minimal Branding


This stands out as the fourth way to create a perfect vlog.


Minimal branding means trying out new ways to include your logo in your content. Do this in a subtle way such that your viewer finds it hard to ignore without losing his their attention on the vlog.


You may try wearing your logo on your shirt or by putting it as a watermark at the corner of your video. Any video maker online can put it on your video.


You can also put the logo in your background while you are speaking as you speak about the thing  topic they came to hear.


Content Generosity


Being generous is another great way to strongly connect with your audience.


Generosity shows your confidence and also displays how much you know about the subject you are talking about.


When you are talking about a subject, don’t hold back any information you know about it and be honest.


While giving some extra information, you need to make sure you do not stray away from the main topic and underdeliver than you actually should have.


Call to Action


You need to provide a clear and audible call to action. You might probably think that it’s obvious for them to like the video, leave a comment on it and share the video with people who might need it.


But if you don’t say it out loud in an audible way, you might find it hard to get that like, comment, or for them to share your video. make ends meet.


Be very clear as to what you want your audience to do after watching the vlog. You need to do this while you are still vlogging.


Saying your call to action in the middle of your vlog increases the probability of them actually doing it. They take it as a part of the vlog itself and are hence more effective.


Intentional Timestamp


It is about giving your audience a brief idea as to how long you are going to speak. Are you going to speak for 10 minutes or for 15? Is that what you were hoping for? Is that what you actually had in mind? Being intentional and honest in your vlog is hence so important.


You can edit a small timestamp summary at the beginning of your vlog. This can be easily done by any video maker online.


Another thing, you may call it a bonus tip as well, KEEP ONE EYE ON RELATED VLOGS AS WELL. If they talked about something or taught something in 5 minutes, are you really gonna make your vlog more than that? You better not.



So we talked about seven crucial and interesting things that you can begin to incorporate in your vlogs. For implementing these, you need not do not need to spend any money and any free video maker online is good to go. Using small tips and tricks is bound to help you increase watch time and increase audience retention.

Remember, you need to hold your audience as well as attract new ones to have a successful vlogging journey. Don’t forget to comment below about any new idea that has worked very well for you. We are all ears.





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